What is Karate or Toshu Jutsu?

Karate and white crane master Nobetsu. Simon is pictured in the front row, training in 2003

Karate master Tadanori Nobetsu 9th dan. Bushinkai head Simon is pictured in the front row, training in 2003

Our main Karate class is on Tuesday evening at 8pm at Van Dang Martial Arts. The class is taught by Simon Keegan (5th Dan World Union of Karatedo Federations, 4th Dan Jujutsu) along with Dan Sanchez (2nd Dan Karate, 2nd Dan Jujutsu), Kick Holm (2nd Dan Shotokan Karate International) and Ben Gaunt (1st Dan Karate, 1st Dan Jujutsu).

The Karate we teach is designed to be combat-effective. We teach according to a self defence system called the Bushinkai Method.

The majority of our Karate comes from a style called Shoto Ryu, and Okinawan style introduced to Japan in the 1920s by Funakoshi and Gima Sensei.

Karate (literally Empty Hand) is a term given to a wide variety of arts. Karate is a versatile art. It is good for self defence, sport, fitness and discipline. There have been Karate practitioners win the UFC and there have been Karate practitioners who only do the art for self discipline. The bulk of our focus is in self defence. Karate was originally comprised of the characters “Chinese Hand” (Kara Te) which can also be pronounced Toshu. In the 1920s it was changed to “Empty Hand (Kara Te). We use the original name Toshu Jutsu to reflect our classical focus.

here are many different styles of Karate, ranging from the classical to the traditional to the eclectic to the modern.

Ultimately Karate is defined as a predominantly empty handed fighting art developed in Okinawa in around 1600-1900, drawing on Chinese Kung Fu influences.

Karate was introduced to mainland Japan in the 1920s and quickly became a modern sport.

In the Bushinkai Academy we teach the original fighting – not sporting – methods of Karate.

we call our system Hakuda kempo Toshu Jutsu which is consistant with the names of Okinawa’s oldest fighting arts.

Our primary function is effective self defence.

Our secondary function is the research and development of the traditional function of Karate Jutsu, its applications and lineages.


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