What to expect in Toshu Jutsu

Our system of Karate and Jujutsu is called “Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu” (which translates as White Hand Chinese Boxing Art) represents the old fighting arts of Chinese origin as handed down in Okinawa prior to the development of Japanese Karate, and is Renshi Simon Keegan’s systemised approach to these arts.

It is a method of responding to real self defence situations and teaching defensive themes including but not limited to punches, kicks, throws, breaks, chokes, pressure point strikes, grappling and weapons.

Our system is street based not sport based, preparing the student for the real world.

At the same time we teach in a traditional and ethical way nurturing mind, body and spirit through disciplined training.

The symbol of our school is the White Lion, this represents various things. It represents the southern Shaolin traditions which including Lion Boxing, it represents the lion boxing influence in one of our most significant forms, Bassai Dai and it represents the Japanese art of Hakuda (white hand). Keegan Renshi’s family coat of arms features a white lion so this was also a personal identification.

A typical class begins with a bow in ceremony that you would expect in any Karate class, to show courtesy and respect and to clear the mind.

This is followed by a stretch and warm up to help with flexibility and fitness.

We typically begin with basic Karate (Shoto Ryu) which focusses on power and speed generation through posture, stance and basic principles and covers basic punches, blocks, kicks and strikes.

Classes are mixed so sometimes all grades will work together and other times the class will be split so more advanced grades can learn different things.

Techniques that work

Techniques that work

Every class varies. Some weeks we may cover bagwork using the heavy bags, makiwara, posts and kick shields. Some weeks we may look at two man flow drills, self defence applications, kata, groundwork (Judo style grappling) or Kumite (Karate style sparring) or look at the various weapons including Bo, Nunchaku and Sai.

The Bushinkai Method is based around The Science of Technique, The Science of Violence and The Science of Learning which means our Karate is not just for show but actually equips the student with a self defence methodology.

The founder and chief instructor is Simon Keegan, Renshi 5th dan, and 8th generation martial artist and inheritor of Sakugawa Ryu Toshu Jutsu.

Keegan Renshi began his training in the fighting arts as a youngster and joined his first club aged 10. By the age of 16 he was competing at national level in Karate, forms and kickboxing.

Much of his training was in a branch of Karate related to Shotokan called Shobukan which was also derived from Malaysian Budokan. Simon took his 2nd Dan under Kyoshi Bob Carruthers and his 5th Dan under Shihan Phil Handyside.

In an effort to return closer to the source he sought out the masters of Kokusai Budoin, Dai Nippon Butokukai and the Seibukan and trained under some of the world’s leading grandmasters. In Kokusai Budoin, he was recognised as a 2nd Dan in Nihon Jujutsu under chief director Shizuya Sato, in Shotokan Karate under vice president Hirokazu Kanazawa and subsequently in Shoto Ryu under division director Ikuo Higuchi. He also began learning Nisseikai Karate (grading 3rd Dan under Reiner Parsons), training with the headmaster Tadanori Nobetsu who taught a Naha Te style based on Goju Ryu Karate and Feeding Crane Quan Fa.

Simon Keegan’s own instructors trained under masters such as Hirokazu Kanazawa, Keinosuke Enoeda, Tatsuo Suzuki, Sadashige Kato, Gogen Yamaguchi, Chin Mei Long, Li De Yin, Ikuo Higuchi, Shizuya Sato, Morihei Ueshiba, Minoru Mochizuki, Kenshiro Abbe, Wally Jay, Rene Tongson, Morio Higaonna, Kai Kuniyuki, Kazuo Sakai among many more.


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