Steve Rowe seminar

Last month Bushinkai attended our third seminar with Sifu Steve Rowe 8th Dan, held at the Mushinkai Dojo of Master Alfie Lewis in Liverpool. The focus of the seminar was on the internal connection in martial arts including a practical approach to meditation.

Steve is the head of the Shikon and MASA organisations, affiliated to the WUKF and the BCCMA and has trained in the martial arts for decades, notably with Wado Ryu Karate master Toru Takamizawa from the 1960s and 70s and later studying Yang style Tai Chi with the headmaster Ma Lee Yang.

It is the lessons and principles however that are of more interest than the lineage and Steve gave amazing insight into posture, relaxation, meditation, blocking, trapping and power generation.


Listening to Sifu’s wisdom


Yang style veterans Steve Rowe and David Keegan


Steve testing Simon’s Peng position


Steve and Simon pushing hands


Students making the connection


Simon and Steve talking it through



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