Coming Soon: The Lost Book of Kushanku

The Bubishi has long been regarded as the ‘Bible of Karate’, an anthology of Chinese martial arts and related information that was taken to Okinawan in the 1800s. But what if another document was taken to Okinawa even earlier in the 1700s? A document that became the very foundations on which Karate was built? That document is the Lost Book of Kushanku.

Kushanku is one of the most shadowy figures in the history of Karate. He was said to be a Chinese master who passed his skills onto Tode Sakugawa and Chatan Yara in the 1750s and the ultimate root of forms like Kanku Dai, Kanku Sho and the Heian forms.

He was therefore the great grandfather of styles like Shotokan, Wado Ryu, Shotokai, Yoseikan, Budokan, Shukokai, Shito Ryu and even Taekwondo. But who was this mysterious man, what did he teach and how? Now finally Kushanku is revealed and what is more, the Lost Book of Kushanku is revealed!

Coming soon, exclusively to



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