Okinawan Kata and Chinese Internal Martial Arts

One of the unique features of the Bushinkai Academy’s martial arts system of Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu is that the forms common to Karate and Jujutsu are taught relating to softer more natural movements found in Chinese internal martial arts systems. I have done a quick grab of a few Youtube videos (no endorsement is implied – just whatever came up first) to show how some of these forms relate.

The subject of Karate’s relationship with Chinese internal martial arts is one of the topics covered in my upcoming book The Lost Book of Kushanku and a cornerstone of the White Lion Academy.

Those new to this blog would be advised to also check out my interviews in Martial Arts Illustrated and Traditional Karate magazines.


Compare this clip of Baji Quan with its powerful explosive movements…

To this clip of Bassai Dai, which although more simple and linear, has the same lifting, dropping and driving forward power:

Compare the open and expansive movements and the Crane and Snake movements of Yang style Tai Chi…

To this clip of Kanku Dai (Kushanku):

Compare the quick darting in and out of this clip of Hsing I Chuan’s Swallow form…

To the darting and dropping movements of Empi (Swallow):

Compare the twists and turns in this Pakua demo:

With these applications for Heian Sandan:





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