Bushinkai Academy Of Martial Arts: White Lion Academy

The Bushinkai Academy of Martial Arts teaches a system of Karate, Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu and Kobudo and also offers classes in Tai Chi and Chi Kung and special tuition in Iaido. The Academy was founded 14 years ago by Simon Keegan who holds a Godan (5th Dan blackbelt) awarded by the World Union of Karatedo Federations. Simon holds blackbelt grades in at least five different styles and is the eighth generation of his family in the Sakugawa Ryu tradition. The White Lion Academy, headed by Simon is based at Manchester’s number one martial arts centre, Van Dang.

Simon Keegan: Godan 5th Dan: Shobukan Karate 4th Dan Renshi: Jujutsu/Karate Jutsu 3rd Dan: Nisseikai Karatedo (Goju Ryu) 2nd Dan: Kodokwan Judo wnd Dan: Kung Fu (Taiji Quan)

Simon Keegan: Godan

Chief Instructor: Simon Keegan

Main Karate class:

Thursday 8pm-9:30pm, Van Dang Martial Arts, Newton Street, Manchester.

Read Simon’s interviews in the martial arts magazines:

Other Bushinkai Karate instructors:

  • Dan Sanchez 2nd Dan
  • Kicki Holm 2nd Dan
  • Ben Gaunt 1st Dan

For information on Bushinkai’s Metal Tiger Academy, visit Sifu David Keegan’s website.

The Metal Tiger Academy's pearl dragon kwoon

The Metal Tiger Academy’s pearl dragon kwoon



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