20 things about Bushinkai


  1. Bushinkai is recognised by the world governing bodies for Japanese/Okinawan Karate – and for Chinese Kung Fu, namely the World Union of Karatedo Federations and the International Wu Shu Federation
  2. Our Karate/Jujutsu classes are held at the northwest’s premier martial arts venue Van Dangs in the heart of Manchester
  3. Our Manchester club (‘The White Lion Academy’) has a great club social life – ideal with our Northern Quarter location
  4. Bushinkai’s martial arts system Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu combines traditional Karate and Jujutsu
  5. Our class is taught for effective self defence based on the Bushinkai Method
  6. Chief Instructor is Simon Keegan who holds 5th Dan Karate, 4th Dan Jujutsu, 2nd Dan Judo and 2nd Dan Kung Fu
  7. Bushinkai regional instructor Dan Sanchez holds 2nd Dan Karate and Jujutsu and has trained in MMA and BJJ
  8. Bushinkai National Instructor Kicki Holm is a member of the Danish Karate squad and a 2nd Dan in Shotokan
  9. Bushinkai is part of the Shobukan school headed by 51 year Karate master Shihan Handyside 8th Dan
  10. Bushinkai instructors trained under Japanese masters such as Shizuya Sato, Tadanori Nobetsu, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Keiji Tose, Hara, Yoshida and Mitsuhiro Kondo
  11. Simon is currently researching an eagerly awaited book called The Lost Book of Kushanku
  12. Last year we did a demo for the prestigious Japanese festival
  13. Simon is one of the few westerners to head an hereditary tradition of Japanese/Okinawan martial arts
  14. Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu includes not only Karate but a comprehensive Nihon Jujutsu system
  15. Bushinkai also has a Tai Chi school (‘Metal Tiger Academy’) run by Sifu David Keegan 5th Dan
  16. This blog features research articles by such notables as Hanshi Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan, Sifu Steve Rowe and our work has been published by the United States National Karate Association head Hanshi Jim Mather 10th Dan
  17. Bushinkai has appeared in Combat/Traditional Karate magazine and Martial Arts Illustrated
  18. Simon received some of his grades from Japan’s oldest martial arts institutions as well as the title Renshi
  19. We have a range of excellent seminars
  20. We get great student feedback

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