Feedback on The Lost Book of Kushanku

Finally, a definative research on Okinawan karate secret origins and the attraction to the culture of Okinawan society that developed koryu to organize teaching and the origination of the modern Dojo, first in privacy of the home, then storefront schools that permit foteign students. I hope this project will be published and join McCarthy Bubishi for in depth study.
Thank you. I hope to learn a great deal from his work on Okinawan Kusanku development.
Terry MacCarrone 8th Dan
Trained and graded under Okinawan master Ansei Ueshiro (nephew of Ankichi Aragaki)

Simon Keegan always does great research and goes into great detail. This will educate and expand your understanding of the martial arts. This is a must.
Alfie Lewis 9th Dan
– Freestyle Karate pioneer

– 5 Time World Karate Champion
– Studied Traditional Karate with Ronnie Colwell and Gary Spiers

Truly a groundbreaking book and it shows many new pieces and possibilities to the long-gone puzzle. I must congratulate you for your serious scholarly work, now I am a believer. I see there is a very real technical relationship between Tai Chi and Kushanku. You are now a Budo-scholar, worthy successor of Donn Draeger.
Ben Haryo 5th Dan
– 5th Dan Taman-Ha Jujutsu (Goshinbudo)
– 5th Dan Dentokan Jujutsu
– 3rd Dan Wado Ryu Karate

This is very interesting! My Sensei, Grandmaster Trias always said that Hsing Ye was the origin of all Okinawan Karate. Could you give us more information on your sources? Loved this article!
Joseph Walker 8th Dan Shuri Ryu Karate

More to follow….


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