Bushinkai official website top articles

This site, the official website and blog for the Bushinkai Academy now has over 100 articles online. Here are some helpful links to some of the most popular articles:

1) The Lost Book of Kushanku by Simon Keegan, an E-Book published free on this site which makes the dynamic discovery that the Okinawan forms Bassai, Empi and Kanku Dai (Passai, Wansu and Kushanku) came from the Chinese internal martial art of Bazi Quan and the elusive Chinese masters Kushanku and Iwah are finally revealed.

2) Siamese Boxing the Root of Karate by Patrick McCarthy. In this article, published with Hanshi McCarthy’s kind permission, one of the most significant Karate researchers of the last 100 years presents the evidence for Karate having evolved from an early form of Muay Thai.

3) Interview with Sifu Jim Uglow by Steve Rowe. Unquestionably one of the UK’s senior masters of Tai Chi and Kung Fu, Jim Uglow has done it all. Here Steve Rowe talks to him about training with the grandmaster of Yang style.

4) History of British Karate 1956-1966, the early years of British Karate (please note pictures to be re-uploaded) with exclusive images from one of the original members of Vernon Bell’s Yoseikan club and an original poem.

5) Bushinkai article in Martial Arts Illustrated (full article published here for free) detailing Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu

6) Bushinkai article in Traditional Karate magazine (full article published here for free) describing the Bushinkai Method of self defence

7) Basic Karate vocabulary. Not a literary masterpiece but may come in very handy.

8) Tribute to Shihan Phil Handyside 8th Dan looking back over his 51 years in the martial arts with some rare pics of Japanese masters.

9) History of Toshu Jutsu by Ben Gaunt. A really nice over-view of Karate history written by Ben for one of his gradsing essays.

10) History of Toshu Jutsu in four parts by Simon Keegan

Manchester Karate and Jujutsu classes are held at Van Dang Martial Arts, Manchester on Thursday evenings 8pm-9:30pm. Email kaicho@runbox.com for more details.


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