Lost Book of Kushanku: Video companion

Following the publication of The Lost Book of Kushanku we have had some great feedback on our research. However something people have asked for is a visual explanation to some of the theories of where different styles emerged from. To help visualise my hypothesis here are some video clips. These are taken from Youtube and no endorsement is implied. One theory in the book is that the Japanese art of Shingan Ryu is derived from Hsing-I (in its original form). Compare these two clips:

The Chinese art of Hsing-I:

The Japanese art of Shingan Ryu:

Note the Chinese style hand movements.

When most people think of Jujutsu, they are essentially thinking of Tenshin Shinyo Ryu (from which Judo arrived) but forget that the many different styles look very different.

Another theory is that Bassai came from Bazi. There are no clips of old Bazi Quan so this of more modern Baji Quan will suffice:

Baji quan:

Compare its direct movements and turns to that of Matsumura Bassai:

Matsumura Bassai:

Then of course there is the Hsing-I’s swallow form.

Hsing-I Swallow:

Contrast this with Wansu/Empi:


Another theory states that the Japanese Hakuda (white hand) was derived from Bazi (white lion).

Compare Yoshin Ryu:

With Bassai:


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