Bushinkai International Affiliates

Bushinkai International has representatives in more than 10 countries. These representatives were invited through sharing common values, skills and dedication to the martial arts as our own academy. For example Ben Haryo in Indonesia is, like ourselves a Karate, Kung Fu and Jujutsu practitioner and has helped research into the Chinese origins of Karate; Jonathan Kruger in Zambia is a Japanese-trained and graded Judoka and Jujutsu practitioner who has a common historical interest as ourselves as his styles founding father was taught by the same man as the father of the British Karate movement, Vernon Bell.

Bushinkai National representative: Darren Ball 5th Dan

Bushinkai National representative: Mei Kwan

Bushinkai National representative: Kicki Holm 2nd Dan

Germany & Portugal:
Honourary technical advisor: Reiner Parsons (7th Dan)

Ben Haryo

Ben Haryo

Bushinkai National representative: Ben Haryo (5th Dan)

Bushinkai National representative: Alburr Al-Hameed

Bushinkai National representative: John Dang

United Kingdom:
Bushinkai National representative: Simon Keegan (5th Dan)

United States:
Honourary technical advisor: Jim Mather (10th Dan)

Bushinkai National representative: Jonathan Kruger (7th Dan)

Jonathan Kruger

Jonathan Kruger

About the featured image:

This image, for illustrative purposes only, shows Kodokan Judo and Jujutsu masters from around 100 years ago.


The names and styles of the masters are:

Sitting, from right:

Hiratsuka Katsuta of Kagawa (Yoshin-ryu); Yano Koji of Kumamoto (Takenouchi-santo-ryu, kyoshi); Sekiguchi Jushin of Wakayama (Sekiguchi-ryu); Totsuka Eibi of Chiba (Yoshin-ryu, hanshi); Kano Jigoro of Tokyo (Kodokan-judo, hanshi); Hoshino Kumon of Kumamoto (Shiten-ryu, hanshi); Katayama Takayoshi of Kagawa (Yoshin-ryu); Eguchi Yazo of Kumamoto (Kyushin-ryu, kyoshi); Inazu Masamizu of Kyoto (Miura-ryu).

Back, from right :

Yamashita Yoshiaki of Tokyo (Kodokan-judo, kyoshi); Isogai Hajime of Kyoto (Kodokan-judo, kyoshi); Yokoyama Sakujiro of Tokyo (Kodokan-judo, kyoshi); Nagaoka Shuichi of Kyoto (Kodokan-judo, kyoshi); Takano Shikataro of Okayama (Takenouchi-ryu); Tanabe Matauemon of Himeiji (Fusen-ryu, kyoshi); Imai Kotaro of Okayama (Takenouchi-ryu, kyoshi); Sato Hoken of Kyoto (Kodokan-judo, kyoshi); Oshima Hikosaburo of Kagawa (Takenouchi-ryu, kyoshi); Tsumizu Mokichi of Wakayama (Sekiguchi-ryu); Aoyagi Kihei of Fukuoka (Sosuishitsu-ryu, kyoshi).

Manchester Karate and Jujutsu classes are held at Van Dang Martial Arts, Manchester on Thursday evenings 8pm-9:30pm. Email kaicho@runbox.com for more details.


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