Shotokan Karate and Jujutsu in MMA

In Bushinkai we teach Karate (related to Shotokan) and also Jujutsu for self defence. Although we are not a sport club it is always interesting to see these arts put to the test, so here are a few videos which show how versatile the arts can be.

The first video shows UFC world champion Lyoto Machida in action. He studied Shotokan under his father who was a JKA instructor.

And for those who doubt his Shotokan credentials, here he is performing Kata:

Jujutsu of course is very effective in MMA. Here is Jujutsu practitioner Royce Gracie:

One of the forerunners to MMA, was Japanese shootfighting. Here is shootfighter Nobuhiko Takada (founder of Pride MMA) who cross trained with Karate master Patrick McCarthy, fighting boxer Trevor Berbick:

Manchester Karate and Jujutsu classes are held at Van Dang Martial Arts, Manchester on Thursday evenings 8pm-9:30pm.


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