Next Karate Grading August 14th 2014

Shihan Handyside 8th Dan visiting our Dojo

Shihan Handyside 8th Dan

The next Bushinkai Karate grading will be held on Thursday August 14 at Van Dang Martial Arts in Manchester.

Grading is in the Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu system which includes a full system of Shoto Ryu Karate as well as Jujutsu, Kobudo and many other waza.

Grades will be recognised by:

  • Bushinkai International
  • Shikon
  • Shobukan Karate Organisation
  • World Union of Karatedo Federations
  • United Kingdom Budo Federation
Pics from the last grading on April 10th

Pic from the last grading on April 10th

Grading panel expected to include:

Shihan PAJ Handyside 8th Dan
Renshi Simon Keegan 5th Dan
Sensei Dan Sanchez 2nd Dan
Sensei Kicki Holm 2nd Dan


Can you pass the test?

Students eligible to grade from 10th Kyu through to 4th Kyu. Please note, coloured belt grades must allow at least 4 months between grades including regular and dedicated training.



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