Bushinkai: Now recruiting new students

Bushinkai teaches a Karate and Jujutsu system with a difference. Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu is the best of the old and the best of the new. it goes back to the days when Karate was a combat method not a sport. But it is also on the cutting edge of self defence.

Classes are held:

Van Dang Martial Arts (Hakutora Dojo)
Newton Street Manchester

If Shotokan, Wado Ryu and Goju Ryu are branches of Karate then Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu is the trunk.

Toshu Jutsu is traditionally taught in terms of the content of its kata, bunkai, weapons and drills. It is a complete Karate system that we like to think is very much in keeping with the Karate practiced by the art’s original pioneers in Okinawa.

What makes Toshu Jutsu different however is that as well as being true to the art’s heritage it is also true to the realities of self defence.

The Bushinkai Method is fiercely pragmatic and combat orientated and students are taught the realities of self protection from day one.

Check out some of our classes:


Simon training in Escrima with Rene Tongson, Filipino grandmaster of Abaniko Tres Puntas


There's no mistaking the legendary Newton Street Dojo!

There’s no mistaking the legendary Newton Street Dojo!

Bushinkai student Jamie performing Yondan with twin swords



Current graded members of the club:

Simon Keegan (5th Dan black belt) – Founder and senior international instructor
Dan Sanchez (2nd Dan black belt) – Regional instructor and grappling coach
Kicki Holm (2nd Dan black belt) – National instructor and kata coach
Ben Gaunt (1st Dan black belt) – Club instructor
Kevin Dyke (4th Kyu purple belt)
Claus Hansen (5th Kyu blue belt)
Sam Bainbridge ( 5th Kyu blue belt)
Josh Bentley (8th Kyu yellow belt)
Andrew Jones (8th Kyu yellow belt)
John (9th Kyu red belt)

For more information email: kaicho@runbox.com


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