Bushinkai mascot gets her first stripe

Poppy Keegan, daughter of Bushinkai chief instructor Simon and granddaughter of Metal Tiger Academy principal Dave passed her first grading today in Shito Ryu Karate.

Bushinkai classes are adults-only, but luckily we know an excellent instructor nearby who does teach little ones – Sensei Julian Mallalieu and his wife Sharon.

Julian has a great pedigree training under Shito Ryu and Kobudo master Fumio Demura and has also trained with the son of Karate legend Choki Motobu. Visit his website here.

The classes are excellent and today Poppy (aged 5) and her cousin Maisie passed their first grading and now have a yellow stripe on their belts. Well done girls.

The “Little Dragons” went through techniques like Oi Tzuki, Jodan Age Uke, Uchi Ude Uke, Mae Geri and Yoko Geri to pass their cadet grades.

Wasn't allowed to watch but sneaked a peak

Wasn’t allowed to watch but sneaked a peak

The "Little Dragons" doing their Oi Tzuki

The “Little Dragons” doing their Oi Tzuki

Well done girls!

Well done girls!

Little Dragons

Little Dragons


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