Bushinkai: Authentic study in the traditional martial arts

Bushinkai is based in the heart of Manchester City centre and teaching self defence based practical martial arts that are also completely authentic and traditional. We do not teach the latest fads, just tried and tested Karate, Jujutsu and other arts.

The Bushinkai Academy holds regular classes in Karate/Jujutsu/Kobudo and also has seminars in Aikido, Iaido and Judo.

Classes are traditionally taught and our instructors have trained and graded under some of Japan’s senior grandmasters.

David Keegan performing Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

Where tradition…


… Meets effectiveness

Bushinkai is registered with British, European and World Governing Bodies and also supports Kokusai Budoin, Japan’s oldest martial arts fraternity which was founded by some of the legends of the martial arts like Wado Ryu Karate founder Hironori Ohtsuka and Nihon Jujutsu master Shizuya Sato. Kokusai Budoin is now home to some of the world’s senior Japanese masters including Hirokazu Kanazawa (10th Dan Shotokan), Ikuo Higuchi (9th Dan Shoto Ryu), Tadanori Nobetsu (9th Dan Goju Ryu) and many more. Added to this Kokusai Budoin has been backed by the Japanese royal family, prime ministers and hereditary shogun. Quite simply it is a link to the origins of the martial arts.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 21.20.55

Kokusai Budoin specifies its divisions as Karatedo, Nihon Jujutsu, Judo, Aikido, Iaido and Kendo and all of these arts are either taught in Bushinkai or are taught on seminars we have attended or do attend.

Our flagship club is in a system called Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu which is old style Karate (Toshu Jutsu) and its associated Okinawan and Chinese weapons and southwest Japanese style Jujutsu (Hakuda Kempo). this system includes weapons like Sai, Nunchaku, Tonfa and Bo. At an advanced level we also teach both the Japanese and Chinese sword.

Classes in this system of Karate:

Bushinkai Karate

Van Dang Martial Arts (Hakutora Dojo)
Newton Street Manchester
Contact: kaicho@runbox.com

Bushinkai also has a traditional Chinese martial arts school, so please visit the Metal Tiger Academy website for more information.




President: Tokugawa Yasuhisa (hereditary Shogun Dynasty)

Chief Director: Tadanori Nobetsu 9th Dan Hanshi – Nisseikai Karate
Asst Chief Director: Ikuo Higuchi 9th Dan Hanshi – Shoto Ryu Karate

Shotokan Karate division Director: Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan Meijin
Iaido division Director: Kenji Tose 10th Dan Hanshi

Kokusai Budoin UK Officer: Chris Davies 7th Dan Jujutsu



President of Shikon: Steve Rowe 8th Dan

Shobukan Karate founder: Phillip AJ Handyside 8th Dan

Bushinkai Tai Chi & Iaido Director: David Keegan 5th Dan

Bushinkai Karate & Nihon Jujutsu Director: Simon Keegan 5th Dan

Kushanku bunkai

Kushanku bunkai

For more information please email: kaicho@runbox.com


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