Bushinkai class roundup

Karate, Jujutsu & Kobudo

Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu is a complete system of martial arts blending the Karate and Kobudo of Okinawa (otherwise called Toshu Jutsu) with the Jujutsu of southwestern Japan (also called Hakuda). It is the perfect system for self defence. The class also makes study of Nihon Jujutsu (Tokyo area Jujutsu), Aikido and Iaido.

Manchester class:
8pm, Thursday nights, Van Dang Martial Arts, Newton Street. For more details or email kaicho@runbox.com

Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang style has its origins in 18th century China. It is a self defence martial art but can also be taught purely for health. For details of our Tai Chi classes in Wigan visit the Metal Tiger Academy website.

Kanazawa doing Yang style Tai Chi

Hirokazu Kanazawa (10th Dan Meijin, Kokusai Budoin) is a master of Karate and Yang style Tai Chi



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