World Karate Day 2014

world karate day

Bushinkai is taking part in World Karate Day 2014 with a 100 Kata demonstration on October 25. Details will be confirmed in the coming weeks but we are hoping our contribution to the event will be on the Saturday afternoon in Stalybridge.

October 25th has been designated ‘Karate Day’ in Okinawa, and is rapidly becoming a day for Karateka around the world to unite in celebration and appreciation of the Okinawan martial arts

This year is a new shared tradition on October 25th – the Worldwide 100 Kata Demonstration

Here’s what to do to take part:

Choose a karate kata to perform 100 times in a row. Just one kata. Done 100 times in continuous series.

Take video and photos and share your Karate Day 100 Kata achievement with all of us via the web. Join our Facebook event page to follow updates on the path to the event.


If you are on Okinawa then join in at (Zakimi Castle site, Yomitan).
Pre-register your dojo team at:

There is NO CHARGE for participation in this event.

Get ready for October 25th – “Karate Day”

Japan local time – 6:30AM start (assemble 6:00AM)
GMT time – 10:30PM start (Oct 24)
Central time (USA & Canada) – 4:30PM start (Oct 24)
Australia – 8:30AM start (Oct 25)

Help cover the costs of running this event by purchasing a Limited edition “100 Kata for Karate Day” t-shirt
Available for purchase online at:


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