Hakutora product review: Athlete SAS bar

Walking into the Hakutora shop last week, I was given a bar of soap and told “try this!”

At first I thought maybe my personal hygiene was being questioned but actually my good friend Mr John Dang was just recommending a product that has been formulated with the martial artist in mind.

If you do something like Jujutsu, you’re going to get sweaty, you may even get a bit of irritation from the fabric of your gi, especially if someone has been choking you with it. And if you teaching Karate in a scout hut or community centre the chances are your feet will be filthy when you finish class.

Here I'm played by Brad Pitt

Here I’m played by Brad Pitt

So SAS soap is hand made with athletes in mind. It keeps your skin fresh, clean and clear without drying it out. The peppermint and tea tree oil make you feel clean and fresh and give a nice tingle. Their antiseptic properties are said to help fight common skin infections.

A really nice touch is strawberry seeds which exfoliates the skin and cuts through the muck.

Eucalyptus and rosemary oils are great for bruises and muscle pain relief.

The bar includes Jojoba oil, a natural moisturiser, prevents the skin from drying without making it oily.

Don't worry there are no other nude pictures

Don’t worry there are no other nude pictures

The colour comes from a blue-green freshwater algae.
Each bar weighs a minimum of 120 grams (on average each bar is approximately 125 gms) and provides about 30-35 washes!
It comes in a waterproof, ziplock bag ideal for taking straight into the shower and keeping in your gym bag.
This soap really is a nice shower experience – well packaged, good exfoliation, nice and fresh feeling and smelling.
The ingredients and stuff

The ingredients and stuff



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