The old ways of Karate and Jujutsu

Both Karate and Jujutsu have become popular sports – we only have to look at UFC champions like Lyoto Machida who holds blackbelts in both arts. But despite being effective arts for MMA, the roots of Karate and Jujutsu are even more effective in real combat, self defence or in other words, when there are no rules and anything goes.

The Bushinkai Academy teaches the old ways of both arts in an effective system called Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu. Classes are taught in a fully equipped Dojo.

The art:

Toshu Jutsu includes techniques of every fighting range – grappling, close quarters, punching, kicking, weapon, projectile. The forms taught include some that are hundreds of years old and each form contains a plethora of effective techniques. Students are taught in a safe environment learning drills and techniques that have proven effective over the generations.

Simon teaching Jujutsu in 2001

Simon teaching Jujutsu in 2001

The teacher:

Coming from a lengthy family tradition in the martial arts, Simon Keegan has decades of experience in the martial arts. His family studied in some of England’s first ever Karate and Jujutsu schools and centuries of his family in the military and navy saw travels to Japan, China and Okinawa and the study of their arts. Simon has trained under some of the highest ranking Japanese and Chinese masters in the world and received his grades (including 5th Dan Renshi in Karate) from the world’s highest authorities. His grades have been endorsed by the hereditary Shogun of Japan and Simon is currently the senior Shotokan teacher recognised by the UK branch of Japan’s oldest martial arts fraternity.


Training and grading formally in Karate, Jujutsu and Chinese martial arts, he has also studied many other styles including Muay Thai, Judo, Aikido and Iaido. Also teaching in Bushinkai is Kicki Holm (2nd Dan) a second generational Karateka who is a member of the Danish national squad and who has won world titles competing in 9 international tournaments. She was graded 2nd Dan by master Hirokazu Kanazawa.

Phew still in one piece after all that combat!

Simon Keegan 5th Dan and Kicki Holm 2nd Dan

Simon after training with grandmaster Fumio Demura

Simon after training with grandmaster Fumio Demura

The Dojo:

Bushinkai’s Hombu Dojo is the Hakutora Academy in Manchester City Centre. A three storey custom made martial arts centre it has its own shop, is fully matted and boasts a range of traditional and modern equipment.

hakumak hakusign

New students: Neelu about to counter a rear grab by Emma

New students: Neelu about to counter a rear grab by Emma

The class (enrolling now):


Van Dang Martial Arts (Hakutora Dojo)
Newton Street Manchester

The Old Ways...

The Old Ways… the new

…meet the new

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