Bushinkai Academy of Martial Arts

The Bushinkai Academy was established 15 years ago and teaches Karate, Jujutsu, Tai Chi and Iaido across Greater Manchester and Lancashire. We also have international affiliates around the world. Here are the main classes in the north west:

Bushinkai classes for 2015:

Tai Chi and Iaido headteacher: David Keegan 5th Dan
Karate and Jujutsu headteacher: Simon Keegan 5th Dan

David Keegan specialises in the traditional family martial art of Yang style Taiji Quan. He first studied martial arts in Kirkby, near Liverpool in 1959 under the famous Blundell brothers, founders of the British Jujutsu Association. Over the next two decades he studied various martial and meditation arts including Karate and Kobudo and in the 1980s, while working and living in China he discovered the art of Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan). In the 1990s he joined a Chinese Internal Martial Arts Academy in the Wigan area where he trained for nine years and attended yearly seminars with the world authority on Taiji, Professor Li De Yin. Meanwhile he was also studying Japanese martial arts, under Japan’s oldest martial arts fraternity the Kokusai Budoin and began study of the Koryu (authentic samurai school) of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. The trained with many masters including Japanese headteachers Tose, Yoshida and Hara. Researching and training in many different styles, he graded on the mat for his 3rd Dan and 4th Dan and in 2013, over 50 years after first starting in Budo, an international martial arts federation granted him the rank of 5th Dan. He has performed Japanese sword, Chinese sword and Tai Chi on various international and cultural exhibitions.

Grandad gets a point back

Karate head Simon and Tai Chi head David

Simon Keegan is a world renowned Karate and Jujutsu instructor. He began his martial arts studies as a child, training with his dad and uncles. By 1995 he was competing at national level in Karate, kickboxing and Kobudo weapons and Iaido. He trained for eight years with the Bushido Academy learning Karate, Aikido, Judo and Kobudo and was awarded his blackbelt in 1999. He was also studying Chinese martial arts at the same school as his father for around nine years. In 2000 he launched the Bushinkai Academy and also spent more than 10 years training with Kyoshi R Carruthers in Shotokan (awarded 2nd Dan) and Kyoshi R Parsons in Goju Ryu (awarded 3rd Dan). Training with Japanese masters like Nobetsu, Sato, Demura and Kondo his grades were recognised by Japan’s oldest and most prestigious martial arts fraternity the Kokusai Budoin and his license stamped by the hereditary shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Yasuhisa. In training with some of the world’s leading Karate and Jujutsu teachers he learnt some of the oldest and most rare forms of the arts and developed a system called Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu, to teach Karate and Jujutsu in their original combat form. Simon was graded 5th Dan in 2012 by Shihan P Handyside, headteacher of Shobukan Karate.

Karate, Kobudo, Nihon Jujutsu:

Thursday Evening 8:00-9:30pm. Price £6
White Lion Academy Headquarters
Van Dang Martial Arts, 12 Newton Street
Instructors: Simon Keegan 5th Dan, Kicki Holm 2nd Dan

Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Chinese internal martial arts:

Friday Evening 7:00-8:00pm. Price £5
Metal Tiger Academy Headquarters
Vale Methodist Church, Skull House Lane, Appley Bridge
Near Wigan
Instructors: David Keegan

Thursday Evening 7:00-8:00pm. Price £5
* New centre for Pear Dragon Dojo*
St Michaels School Hall, Higher Lane, Dalton
Near Skelmersale
Instructors: David Keegan


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