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In British martial arts there are the quality, reputable, honest hard working clubs (like Bushinkai) and then there are the McDojos where your two year old can get a blackbelt if they attend three lessons. Instead of whingeing about these cowboys, a group of instructors, thrown together by a common goal have decided to promote the good guys instead.

Simon and Steve

Simon and Steve

Steve Rowe (Karate 8th Dan, Tai Chi master – otherwise known as the boss) of Kent; Russ Jarmesty (15 year veteran of Manchester’s roughest nightclub doors, Karate and Jujutsu exponent) of Atherton; Scott “Caged Devil” Caldwell (Urban Krav Maga and scary individual), Isle of Man and Bushinkai’s own Simon Keegan (5th Dan Karate) of Manchester have come together as the Guardians.

Simon and Russ

Simon and Russ

The Martial Arts Guardian will have a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and a Youtube channel and will be a multi-media magazine showcasing the best in British martial arts.


Check out our first video:

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