Issue 1 of Martial Arts Guardian out March 15th








The first edition of Martial Arts Guardian is out on March 15th.

The “Guardians” are Bushinkai chief instructor Simon Keegan, Shikon head Steve Rowe, Jujutsu instructor Russ Jarmesty and Krav Maga instructor Scott Caldwell.

Simon and Russ

Simon and Russ

Tthe first issue of Martial Arts Guardian is coming along nicely but we’re still remaining tight lipped as to some of the features inside… So what do we have?

Well we have an interview with a legend of MMA who you will ALL know by name but you will know him a lot more after his interview.

Then we have an interview with a veteran boxer who has seen it all and done it all and his legacy in the ring lives on.

Rowe, Caldwell, Jarmesty, Keegan

Rowe, Caldwell, Jarmesty, Keegan

We have one of British martial arts’ best loved and insightful columnists giving us the benefit of his wisdom in the first of a monthly instalment.

We have an interview with a 50 year veteran of British Karate who will share stories of some of the masters of Karate that most of us only know by legend.

We are focussing on also on a traditional Japanese Koryu style, one of the oldest Samurai schools and have insight by two practitioners from that art.


We will also have video demonstrations of street-tested, street-lethal self defence techniques presented by two of the country’s most experienced exponents of – shall we say – reality confrontations…. and we also have profiles of some of the great masters and techniques from yesteryear.

We’ve tried to blend the old with the new, the martial with the art, the Yin with the Yang.

But in this collection of opposites what they all have in common is, they are all the genuine article.

No McDojos, no self made 15th Dans, no 4 year old blackbelts, and nobody that bunged us fifty quid for a nice write up.

This is a multi-media experience for martial arts and for the readers.

If you want to spend money reading about Ronald McDojo giving out another 300 blackbelts, we’re sure you can find another publication to fulfil that niche somewhere else.

The Martial Arts Guardian will have a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and a Youtube channel and will be a multi-media magazine showcasing the best in British martial arts.


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