Beginners classes now open

The Bushinkai Academy is now recruiting beginners for the Manchester class.

Class time:

Thursday 8pm
Price: £6 (90 mins)
Newton Street, near Piccadilly

For more information email:

About the class:

Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu takes Karate back to its combative origins as it was taught more than 100 years ago. With a clear lineage back to the 1700s we do not teach modern sport Karate or the latest fads. Forms taught include Channan, Naihanchi, Bassai, Wansu, Matsu and Gojushino. Students learn strikes, grappling, traditional weapons and reality based Bunkai.

Simon and Kicki teaching locks

Simon and Kicki teaching locks

Instructor Simon Keegan:

5th Dan blackbelt with world governing bodies – One of the famous Martial Arts Guardians – Highest ranking Shotokan Karate teacher in UK branch of Japan’s oldest martial arts organisation – Internationally published researcher/writer – Grades endorsed by hereditary Shogun of Japan – Self defence specialist, has taught police and military – Holds black belt grades in 5 different styles – Founded Bushinkai Academy 15 years ago – Teachers include Shihan Handyside (8th Dan head of Shobukan Karate), Reiner Parsons (7th Dan Nisseikai Karate) and Robert Carruthers (7th Dan Seiki Juku Karate as well as seminar training with Japanese masters such as Sato, Nobetsu, Demura and Kondo – Inheritor of Sakugawa Ryu – Founder member of English Karate Federation


Simon demonstrating kata at a Japanese cultural festival


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