Manchester Karate grading results

Three of Bushinkai’s newest students took their first grading last week.

It was the club’s first grading in more than a year and so they all did very well.

Emma Roberts – now 8th Kyu Yellow Belt

Matthew Brookes – now 9th Kyu Red Belt

Oli Ingo – now 9th Kyu Red Belt
11781818_10153553703751204_4839067236571169385_n 11825760_10153553703741204_7052711817182026290_n 11825773_10153553703766204_7445901602852056453_n 11828597_10153553703761204_3650259061423754811_n 11836761_10153553703746204_4405690873937587921_n

22023_10153535337041204_8330685689830214434_n 1545590_10153535337161204_3642920171728804202_n 10986662_10153535337676204_8023123346426482640_n 11218853_10153535335821204_3876067675669246403_n 11223636_10153535335021204_941062040352175088_n 11755132_10153535335506204_7922860046008977604_n

11695039_10153535336866204_4681821276504404208_n 11781673_10153535336796204_5543942643782538396_n



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