Grading report

Bushinkai headteacher Simon Keegan was recently on a grading panel for our sister club Red Sun Karate. One of the students grading, Eric Winstanley trained with Simon 20 years ago.

Grading officials:

PAJ Handyside Shihan 8th Dan (Preston Hombu)
Frank Williams Sensei 7th Dan (Wigan)
Chris Ratcliffe Sensei 6th Dan (Wigan)
Simon Keegan Sensei 5th Dan (Manchester)
Chris Ratcliffe Sensei 3rd Dan (Wigan)

Senior Dan grade passes:

Eric Winstanley 3rd Dan – Grading kata Bassai Sho
Alison Campbell 2nd Dan – Grading kata Meikyo

Shobukan Karate 
The Shobukan Karate system combines several traditional martial arts schools, the two main ones being Shotokan Karate and Budokan Karate.
Shobukan was founded in 1973 by Kancho Philip Handyside (8th Dan Shihan). In his 50+ years in martial arts, Shihan Handyside has trained in many styles, beginning in Judo/Jujutsu before training in Shotokan Karate with many of the world’s leading masters. He later trained with the grandmaster of Malaysian Budokan Karate which employed a softer approach more true to Karate’s Chinese origins.
Mr Handyside Sensei considers his greatest teacher to be Hirokazu Kanazawa who as well as being a master of Shotokan Karate (10th Dan IMAF) also studied Yang style Tai Chi and Shorin Ryu Karate. The Shobukan Karate Organisation is headquartered in Preston.
The affiliated Red Sun school was founded in the mid 1980s and is now headed by Sensei Chris Ratcliffe, a student of Shihan Handyside since 1989.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 22.24.44

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 22.23.45

Bushinkai is an offshoot of Shobukan that was founded in 2000 by Kaicho Simon Keegan who has decades of experience in Karate, Jujutsu and Yang style Tai Chi. Simon’s primary teacher for over 10 years was Kyoshi Bob Carruthers, who was a student of Shihan Handyside. Simon was awarded 5th Dan by Shihan Handyside.
Keegan Sensei has trained with many of the world’s leading masters including Tadanori Nobetsu and Shizuya Sato, and in 2003 his grades were recognised by Japan’s oldest martial arts organisation Kokusai Budoin (IMAF) in the division headed by Hirokazu Kanazawa which brings the lineage full circle.
Pictured below: Eric Winstanley (front left) and Simon Keegan (back right) as brown belts 20 years ago and now Simon has been on Eric’s 3rd dan grading panel – an honour.
Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 22.30.41

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