Bushinkai training

Karate, Jujutsu & Kobudo

Bushinkai Academy
With Simon Keegan Renshi (5th Dan Karate, 4th Dan Jujutsu)
Thursday 8pm-9:30pm
Top floor, Hakutora Academy, 11 Newton Street, Manchester
Price: £6 for 90 minutes


You can also train in Muay Thai:

Cobra of Siam and Bushinkai double training session
Thursday 8pm-9:30pm

Muay Thai with Kru G Zappone 6:30-:8:00pm (normally £6)
Karate/Jujutsu with S Keegan 8:00pm-9:30pm (normally £6)
Top floor, Hakutora Academy, 11 Newton Street, Manchester
Price for both classes together: £8 for 3 hours


Tai Chi and Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Metal Tiger Academy
with Sifu David Keegan
St. Michael’s School Hall. Higher Lane. Dalton. WN8 7RP
Thursday and Friday evenings also 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Email davekeegan@runbox.com for full details





Simon is one of the country’s most qualified Karate instructors and is currently working with the London Symphony Orchestra on a unique demonstration of the art.

His grades were awarded by Japanese and international governing bodies, he has trained under some of the world’s senior masters, published international research papers and is one of the few westerners to be the hereditary head of a martial arts school.

Simon began his martial arts journey many years ago and at the age of 16 he was competing at national level in Kickboxing, Karate, Kata and Kobudo and was awarded blackbelt in 1999.

Simon’s grades of 2nd Dan Shotokan Karate, 2nd Dan Tai Chi, 2nd Dan Nihon Jujutsu and 2nd Dan Judo were recognised in Kokusai Budoin by masters like Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan (Karate and Yang style Tai Chi) and Shizuya Sato 10th Dan (Nihon Jujutsu and Judo) of the Kokusai Budoin organisation.

Kokusai Budoin which was presided over by the hereditary shogun and Japanese Royal Family.

Simon trained and graded in Kokusai Budoin to 3rd Dan under Reiner Parsons (himself graded by Shoto Ryu Headteacher Ikuo Higuchi) and his teacher Tadanori Nobetsu, headteacher of Nisseikai Karate.

Being awarded 4th Dan Renshi in Shoto Ryu Karate and Nihon Jujutsu, in 2007 Simon established a system of Karate called Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu and was invited by his mentor Hanshi Terry Wingrove to become a founder member of the English Karate Federation.

In 2012 Simon was awarded 5th Dan by his teacher’s teacher Shihan Handyside 8th Dan in Shobukan Karate.

Simon appeared on the cover of Martial Arts Illustrated being interviewed by Master Alfie Lewis.

His studies have also appeared in Combat magazine, Traditional Karate, Fighters and several newspapers and he has performed international demos at Japanese cultural festivals.

In 2014 he has renewed his support for Kokusai Budoin with membership of Kokusai Budoin UK. In 2015 he became launch editor of issues 1-5 of Martial Arts Guardian.

in 2016 he began work with the London Symphony Orchestra on a unique Karate performance.



Other recommended schools within our Karate family:

Shikon headquarters
Headteacher: Sifu Steve Rowe (8th Dan)
Please visit: Shikon

Mr PAJ Handyside (Shihan 8th Dan)
Headteacher: Shobukan Karate
Please visit www.shobukankarateorg.com

Mr Chris Ratcliffe (Sensei 6th Dan)
Please visit Red Sun Karate


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