Bushinkai at London Symphony Orchestra

In a unique composition blending Shotokan Karate with classical music, composer Ben Gaunt devised a piece of music to go along with five kata.

Performing the kata and music in harmony, musicians from the LSO, and Bushinkai chief instructor Simon Keegan (5th Dan Shotokan) gave a unique performance.

Here are some of the pictures:

13873184_10154457726776204_5673036352875226617_n 13886256_10154457725361204_7869021225501463296_n 13891823_10154457725016204_263258309821934857_n 13895397_10154457725686204_3452466593645849426_n 13920773_10154457726066204_1884020956380925907_n 13925302_10154457726456204_6310398970118131742_n 13925408_10154457726576204_8371452513126429058_n 13934645_10154457725111204_7826468378775563451_n 13934736_10154457725876204_5777776772386113435_n 13935144_10154457726096204_6093233420732165598_n 13962556_10154457725856204_1348846411285890742_n


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