Meet the club

Shikon head: Steve Rowe 9th Dan
Shobukan head: Phil Handyside 9th Dan

Bushinkai Karate (White Lion Academy) instructors:

Renshi Simon Keegan 5th Dan
Sensei Andy Harrison 3rd Dan
Sensei Phil Jennings 1st Dan

Bushinkai Tai Chi (Metal Tiger Academy) instructor:

Sifu David Keegan 5th Duan


David Keegan 5th Duan Taijiquan (Shikon)

David Keegan began his martial arts training in around 1959 with Jujutsu and has continued his Japanese martial arts training in Koryu Bujutsu, especially Iai with the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu school. He lived and worked in China in the 1980s, and now his primary focus is Chinese martial arts. For the last 20 years he has studied Yang style Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Chinese sword (Jian). He has also studied several related arts including Shaolin, Karate, Chi Kung and Yoga. He has received tuition from Chinese masters including Professor Li De Yin and won trophies at European Wushu championships, including one presented by the mayor of Shanghai.

Simon Keegan 5th Dan Karate, 5th Dan Jujutsu (Shikon, IMAF, Dai Nippon Butokukai)

Simon was originally taught by his dad and then began formal study of Karate and Jujutsu as a teenager. As a member of the Kokusai Budoin for the last 15 years, he has trained under the likes of masters Nobetsu, Sato and Kondo and was recognised by the hereditary head of the shogun house Tokugawa. Among the styles he has studied are Shoto Ryu (old style Shotokan); Budokan (a Malaysian style similar to old Shotokan but with greater influence of Okinawan Karate and Chinese Quanfa); Nisseikai (Okinawan Goju Ryu combined with Feeding Crane), Nihon Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu and several styles of Koryu bujutsu. He was awarded the title of Renshi (polished teacher) via the national head of the Dai Nippon Butokukai. He is also a historian and author including the best selling book Karate Jutsu. He graded on the mat for his 5th Dan in Karate under Shihan Handyside, and also graded on the mat for 3rd Dan Goju Ryu under Kyoshi Parsons. He also holds 5th Dan in Jujutsu. He is also an officer/researcher with Karate Jutsu International and the International Ju Jitsu Federation.

Andy Harrison 3rd Dan Karate (Shikon)

Andy is a serving police officer and an experienced Karateka. Prior to Bushinkai he has trained with Shihan Handyside (Shobukan), Shihan Newton (Budokan), Sensei Chris Ratcliffe (Red Sun) and Sensei Richard Pavsic (Shotokan). He was graded 3rd Dan on the mat by Shihan Handyside.

Phil Jennings 1st Dan Karate (Shikon)

Phil is an experienced Karateka who has decades of training in martial arts. He graded to brown belt under Sensei Billy Higgins in the KUGB, and has also studied boxing, Muay Thai and Jujutsu. Phil runs our Chorlton class.

Karate & Jujutsu

Bushin Kaikan
Circle Martial Arts
Marlboro House
52 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1ED
Monday evenings: 8:30pm
Renshi: Simon Keegan (5th Dan Shobukan Karate & Jujutsu)
Sensei: Andy Harrison (3rd Dan Shobukan Karate)
Sensei: Philip Jennings (1st Dan)

Karate & Jujutsu

The ‘White Hall’
St Clements Church
6 Edge Lane, Chorlton. M21 9AE
Sunday evenings: 7pm
Sensei: Philip Jennings (1st Dan)

Tai Chi

Hilldale Village Hall
Chorley Road
Thursday: 7pm
Sifu David Keegan


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