About Bushinkai

Karate – Kobudo – Nihon Jujutsu – Iaido – Tai Chi – Aikido

Bushinkai is an international martial arts school with its headquarters in Manchester, England. it is comprised of White Lion Academy (Karate, Kobudo & Nihon Jujutsu) and Metal Tiger Academy (Tai Chi & Iaido). This website is dedicated to our Manchester Karate/Jujutsu class at Bushinkai’s “Hombu” (headquarters).

Bushinkai's Karate method Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu featured in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine

Bushinkai’s Karate method Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu featured in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine

Bushinkai Karate instructors Shihan Simon Keegan 5th Dan Renshi and Sempai Phil Jennings

Bushinkai teaches Classical Okinawan, Japanese and Chinese martial arts. We only teach adults and our classes are popular with those who want to discover the martial aspects of the traditional arts.

Among our schools are our Manchester Hombu (headquarters) where we teach classical Karate Jutsu (Toshu Jutsu) and classical Nihon Jujutsu (Hakuda). We also have a school in Dalton/Wigan teaching the classical Chinese internal martial arts. Other arts such as Aikido and Iaido are also taught within the school.

Bushinkai Tai Chi headteacher Sifu David Keegan with Shikon head Sifu Steve Rowe

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All the latest news and historical and technical articles can be found on our Blog page. And we would also like to draw your attention to the following static pages:

Bushinkai is affiliated to Shikon, Karate Jutsu International, Shobukan Karate Organisation, Martial Arts Standards Agency (MASA), BCCMA, Karate England, World Union of Karatedo Federations, Kokusai Budoin UK, International Jujutsu Federation, British Jujutsu Federation, United Kingdom Budo Federation, International Toshu Jutsu Federation 

Contact: simonkeeganmedia@gmail.com

Our licenses and insurance are through Shikon Martial Arts, an internationally respected organisation at the forefront of academic standards in the martial arts. Shikon is headed by Steve Rowe (8th Dan Karate), a senior practitioner of Karate, Tai Chi and Iaido and a respected writer and researcher. Among the most notable members of Shikon is Shihan PAJ Handyside 8th Dan, headteacher of Shobukan Karate. Sifu Rowe and Shihan Handyside are extremely supportive friends and mentors to our club. Shikon is part of the BCCMA (in turn part of IWF) and the Karate England and the International Karate Union.

Hanshi Tadanori Nobetsu 9th Dan

Hanshi Tadanori Nobetsu 10th Dan: Chief Director of Kokusai Budoin

Simon with Hanshi Nobetsu, (9th Dan Karate) chief director of Kokusai Budoin

Bushinkai chief instructor Simon Keegan with Hanshi Nobetsu, (10th Dan Karate) chief director of Kokusai Budoin

Karate & Jujutsu

Bushin Kaikan
Circle Martial Arts
Marlboro House
52 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1ED
Monday evenings: 8:30pm
Renshi: Simon Keegan (6th Dan Shobukan Karate)
Sensei: Andy Harrison (3rd Dan Shobukan Karate)
Sensei: Philip Jennings (1st Dan)
Email: simonkeeganmedia@gmail.com

Karate & Jujutsu

The ‘White Hall’
St Clements Church
6 Edge Lane, Chorlton. M21 9AE
Thursday evenings: 8pm
Sensei: Philip Jennings (1st Dan)
Email: philj_62@me.com

Tai Chi

Hilldale Village Hall
Chorley Road
Thursday: 7pm
Sifu David Keegan
Email: tai-chi@runbox.com


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