Classes and Contact

Manchester: Karate & Jujutsu

Circle Martial Arts
Marlboro House
52 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1ED
Monday evenings: 8:30pm
Sunday mornings: 10:00am
Shihan: Simon Keegan (5th Dan Renshi Karate & Jujutsu)
Sempai: Philip Jennings


Wigan: Tai Chi

Dalton school (Dalton St Michael CofE)
Higher Lane
Wednesdays and Thursday: 7:30pm
Sifu David Keegan



Isle of Man: Aikido

Willaston Methodist Church
Barrule Road
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7pm
Robert Casement Sensei
Click here to read more about Isle of Man Aikido

Bushinkai International affiliates, associates and representatives:
England: Simon Keegan
United States: Jim Mather
Zambia: Jonathan Kruger
Australia: Darren Ball
China: Mei Kwan
Indonesia: Ben Haryo
Japan: Alburr al-Hameed
Isle of Man: Robert Casement

9 thoughts on “Classes and Contact

  1. Hello, I am trying to get in contact with a nihon ju jutsu club in London as I leave in far north-west of London. Can you help me?

  2. I am a Kempo stylist from Penna.(USA) I really like the book “the lost book of kusanku” I wish I could get a copy. my e-mail is if you would like to contact me. Thanks, Marvin

  3. Hi, do you still do the Tai Chi class at your Manchester Dojo? I’d like to do that and the karate class if I could.

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