Bushinkai is fully recognised by British and Worldwide governing bodies and quality control bodies.

Our licenses and insurance are through Shikon Martial Arts, an internationally respected organisation at the forefront of academic standards in the martial arts. Shikon is headed by Steve Rowe (8th Dan Karate), a senior practitioner of Karate, Tai Chi and Iaido and a respected writer and researcher. Among the most notable members of Shikon is Shihan PAJ Handyside 8th Dan, headteacher of Shobukan Karate. Sifu Rowe and Shihan Handyside are extremely supportive friends and mentors to our club. Shikon is part of the BCCMA (in turn part of IWF) and the Karate England and the International Karate Union.

In 2003 Bushinkai joined Kokusai Budoin (Interntional Martial Arts Federation), the oldest martial arts fraternity in the world, founded shortly after World War II. Kokusai Budoin members included the likes of Wado Ryu founder Hironori Ohtsuka, Goju Kai founder Gogen Yamaguchi, Yoshinkan Aikido founder Gozo Shioda and many more legitimate grandmasters. Its directors currently include the likes of Hirokazu Kanazawa. Kokusai Budoin is unique, not only in its number of legitimate masters, but in its endorsement by the Japanese imperial and shogun families. Kokusai Budoin’s UK branch is currently being relaunched and Bushinkai is offering its support to the new board of directors. If Bushinkai students wish to apply for a Kokusai Budoin passport (Japanese Budo license) recognised by these venerable masters, they may do so through Kokusai Budoin UK. Bushinkai chief instructor Simon Keegan is a member of Kokusai Budoin UK.


For information on Kokusai Budoin UK please visit the website:


Shikon, headed by master Steve Rowe 8th dan is our main association and provides our insurance, membership and certificates.


Karate England affiliated to Sport England


International Karate Union world governing body


British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). Membership is via our affiliation to Shikon.


MASA is the quality standard in martial arts which may only be awarded to clubs that have proper insurance and qualified instructors. Read more here.


Established in Beijing, the IWF is the world governing body and parent organisation of the BCCMA.


Shobukan Karate was established over 40 years ago and is one of the “ancestors” of our club. Shobukan is also a member of Shikon.



shodnBeing affiliated to associations and governing bodies is no substitute for quality of training but we strive as much as possible to ensure our students grades are as fully legitimate and internationally recognised as possible, by the highest standards and authorities.

Bushinkai is affiliated to a domestic association for insurance and to international governing bodies for recognition. Finally our link to Kokusai Budoin is striving to get as close to the source as possible.



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